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Encounter in community through service.

Our teams focus on specifically identified types of needs of our Sister Parishes. Each ministry team includes some members who are expert in the particular area, be it medicine, construction or leading youth. These “professionals” are supported by other “missionaries," on the mission field as translators, support staff, and generalists with strong backs and willing hearts.


Medical Team

Plans and executes three medical mission trips annually, providing much-needed medical treatment and medicines to members of our Sister Parishes and residents of the bateyes. The medical team welcomes medical professionals of all types, disciplines and specialties as well as non-medical support personnel. 


Don Barnhorst and Bob Lopresti 

Family Missions 

Plans and executes family mission trips. Each mission includes several families – one or more parents with one or more children – who interact with all generations of families in our Sister Parishes and the bateyes, working together, playing together, and spending time serving together. Together with counterpart Dominican and Haitian families – young and old - they deliver food to the elderly, paint and build houses or chapels, and even sing and dance. They work with women, young and old, on projects to earn money and build community. 

These missions are open to anyone who wants to join. 


Katie Houser, Andree King, Brian Schoonover

Institutional Missions  

Investigates, identifies and implements construction of chapels, housing, clean water and sanitation initiatives in an effort to ensure affordable and convenient access to community chapels, suitable housing, clean water, and sanitation. 

These missions are geared toward groups of seminarians, Club 4-12 groups and other organized trips.  


Diane Foley, Bryan Ott and Fr. Remek

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