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Sister Parish Ministry, Inc.
2024 Fundraising Appeal 
Fundraising Goal $200,000


Since 2013, Sister Parish Ministry (SPM) has been creating opportunities for spiritual encounters in community between and among Jacksonville area mission travelers, volunteers stateside, and volunteers in the Dominican Republic (DR) who through their combined efforts provide service to poor communities in the Dominican Republic. In cooperation with four Catholic parishes in the DR, SPM serves the residents of several communities of Haitian descendants, abandoned by the governments of both Haiti and the DR, who are truly among the poorest of the world's poor.  Families occupy little more than single-room tin roofed shacks with dirt floors often with no electricity, running water or sanitation facilities. Food, potable water, clothing, medicine, and work are in extraordinarily short supply or even absent. Together with our local volunteers, SPM works to provide access to schools for small children, medical care for young and old alike, basic shelter and access to small, modest chapels for the celebration of Mass.  The Ministry also provides subsistence level food to the elderly and infirm, feeding more than 100 people monthly who would otherwise go without even basic food.  SPM is a 501(1)(c)(3) charitable organization.

SPM receives no funding from the Diocese and is completely reliant upon donations to support its work.  All medical professionals and mission travelers are volunteers, paying their own travel costs.  YOUR donation is desperately needed to help SPM continue this important work.

Your Gift in the amount of:

$100 provides subsistence level food for four (4) elderly batey residents for one month (There are 100 batey residents receiving this assistance).

$1,000 provides additional nutrition for one month to the elderly and disabled residents of local nursing home/special needs facilities.

$2,500 provides subsistence level food assistance for all elderly batey residents for one (1) month (There are 100 batey residents receiving this assistance).

$250 provides the annual cost of local medical care and medicines for four (4) patients. (SPM serves 1400 to 1500 patients each year).

$500 provides one month of dental hygiene and fluoride treatments for children (SPM provides dental hygiene care to 825 students, 3 times a year).

$1,250 provides housing supplies to repair and keep safe the homes of elderly batey residents each month.

$1,500 supports batey teachers and their pre-school students with supplies and snacks for one month.

Your gift in any amount will enable Sister Parish Ministry, Inc. to continue to support the residents of our Sister Parishes with basic food, shelter and medical care.

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