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Over the course of several months, the Ministry provided funding, labor, and expertise to construct two 4,000 square foot concrete block buildings in El Mamey. They serve as a simple Chapel and a small community/school room. The two buildings also contain space for an infirmary for the Medical Team on their regular visits to the batey and for storage of equipment and supplies used by the Ministry in El Mamey.


Constructed a new Community Center in El Mamey


Beginning in the fall of 2014, the Ministry provided funding and equipment for daily pre-school classes for children under six years old. A head teacher and two assistants work with more than 20 children on skills from basic literacy to the importance of teamwork in the community. Evening classes in English and small business are taught twice weekly by Ministry volunteers.


Established a pre-school and adult education classes in the Mamey Community Center


In an effort to empower the batey residents to assist in decision-making as a community, the Ministry recently established of a local leadership group. The group has already taken the organization of mission support, as well as encouraged community participation in clean-up projects in and around the batey.


Created an adult  leadership group for El Mamey



Construction of New Housing for El Mamey


After the community leadership group conducted a house-to-house census and physical inventory, all of the families and individuals living alone were sorted according to the extent and urgency of their housing needs. The six families with the greatest need for new housing participated in a lottery organized and run by the community leaders. The ministry provided funding, voluntary labor and design expertise to build new houses for these six families during the late spring of 2015. As of July 2018, more than 40 houses have been built by missionaries and residents of the Dominican Republic.



Renovation and Painting of Existing Housing in El Mamey


The census and physical inventory also identified and prioritized existing housing in need of a fresh coat of paint and everything from minor repairs to major renovation.  The Sister Parish mission teams, beginning in the early spring of 2015, have funded and provided voluntary labor for “paint parties,” in which missionaries and villagers work together to paint the houses of the neediest families.   Beginning after the first phase of new house construction, mission teams will work with villagers to make the repairs.  Habitat rules apply to all repair work.​





What Have We Done?
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